About Me

I’m Niko Bakulich, an audio engineer and musician from San Francisco, California. I love unique and beautiful sounds of all kinds, and my passion is to make them and help others do so too.

I spent fifteen years in the IT industry while keeping music and audio as my side hustle. In 2020 I decided to invert that balance and try to make my daily life more creative, more fulfilling, and more exciting.

Being a professional musician, small business owner, and audio engineering school graduate gives me a unique perspective on providing top-quality sound in any situation with professionalism, creativity, and care.

I am a former member of Paperthreat, Lucre, Hungry March Band, and others. I’ve composed music for dance, film, and theater. I’ve toured internationally and played nearly every kind of music out there, but I still feel humbled and blessed every time I get an opportunity to get into the studio or pick up an instrument.